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How to use Body language for Power, Success and Love

How to use body language for power, success and loveIt's scientific fact that people's body gestures give away their true intentions. Every day you're confronted by hundreds of different motions that can mean anything from "get lost" to "terrific idea." You too send out signals whether you realize it or not.

Now you can take advantage of the secrets of body language for that extra edge of confidence & control in any situation. What it means when a man hooks his thumb in his belt. What it means when a woman exposes the soft skin on her wrist.

How to control a person's gaze. The surefire methods of sexual attraction. How to take control of an interview or negotiation.

The most strategic position to take at a business meetings. What kind of man straddles a chair. Why woman would hold their wineglass in both hands.

How to avoid a speeding ticket & much more! Signals gives you the answers. Whether you're going for a big business deal, meeting that certain someone or aiming for a raise, Signals is your guide to unique power of communication that could change your life.

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