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Updating: How to capture the heart of someone that is out of your league


how to capture a man's heart, capture the heartStraight-from-the-hip advice on how to find, date, & land that special person.

In this follow-up to her international bestseller How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You, Leil Lowndes explains why, when it comes to the quest for true romance, no one needs to settle for anything less than Mr. or Ms. Right.

Whether it's someone rich & classy, drop-dead gorgeous, with a high IQ, or truly honorable that a reader finds most desirable, Leil Lowndes shows how to weed out the frogs & find your own true prince or princess.

Combining Lowndes's trademark wit & sage insights into human behavior with easy-to-master strategies & techniques, UpDating!:

Offers readers a complete program for screening out the duds and finding, dating, and capturing the man or woman of their dreams Arms readers with different sets of techniques for attracting different categories of mates, including the gorgeous, the smart, the rich, the honorable, and others Helps romance seekers overcome selfdoubt, feel & act more confident, & be their best selves

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