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How to make Someone Love you Forever


how to make someone love foreverBeginning with a series of revealing self-assessment tests, you discover who you are, and then discover who best suits your personality.

 (Analytical types should look for Matched Opposites who make them feel intelligent; Supporters need Matched Opposites who make them feel valued.)

Then come the tools that make the quest work: how to get out there, with the Two Simple Rules of Socializing; how to make a fabulous first impression, with tips on everything from attitude to accessories; how to be charming, not alarming; introductions, opening lines, and the 1-2-3 mantra of never hesitating.

There are techniques for starting and maintaining conversation and for finding Me Too triggers, plus the importance of flirting, incidental touching, rules of self-disclosure, and more.

Real-life examples and detailed analyses of actual conversations show the method at work--and why the feedback Boothman receives from his clients often begins, "Please come to my wedding . . . ."

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