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5 Powerful Steps for Romance on the Rebound – Relationship Advice

 By Joshua Goh

Let's face it – break ups are bad.

There are no two ways about.

I have quite a lot of really interesting and smart people who stick to a relationship just by fearing the worse – a break up.

And there are people out there who are a bit worned out physically, but still very much in it mentally.

After all it’s the heart that counts.

No matter what your tale of woe is (every has one, which they think is unique), crossing through this difficult period and getting relief from this emotional miscarriage can be made easier and less traumatic.

More over, it should help you to either find a better relationship or simply move on with life.

Try and follow these simple common sense tips – it could mean a emotional baggage -free existence:

1. Look at life this way – all good things (including relationships) come to an end.

As they say, all is well that ENDS (delete well from the proverb).

The normal tendency is that once a good thing ends, we go into a post-mortem exercise.

We analyze the whole thing threadbare, only to come to the predicted conclusion that it was I who was bad.

My expectations were too high…I went wrong here, I said something wrong there and so on and so forth.

Stop and realize that everything, however good has to end.

The sun rises…after the night, isn’t it?

2. Any experience in life teaches us invaluable lessons.

Learn what the relationship taught you.

It does not matter whether the relationship was long or short, friendly or conflict-strewn, every person, every experience leaves behind something precious, when they leave us.

Take that, and throw the memory scum out of the window, to move on

3. Develop the power of positive thinking.

Pretend if you must, but such pretensions, of feeling good, often pays off and you really start feeling good.

A little bit of play acting never harms anyone – on the contrary you add that “feel good” factor to your life.

4. Stop playing the blame game.

It does not take you or anyone anywhere.

Leave the past, take lessons from it and stop analyzing a bowl of split milk forever.

Just move on with your life.

5. Remember the truth, so many men/women, so little time?

Opportunities in this world of dating are immense – imagine there are so many single men/women you have not even met!

With all the dating apps, the classes, online facebook groups, events on facebook and meetup.com, the chances have multiplied. It is much easier today to find places where to meet men and women then what our parents and grand-parents had.

Yes I appreciate your feelings of getting into a relationship just after a break-up.

But believe me, if you follow the four steps as mentioned above, you will be far more prepared to meet someone new and fast.

And this time, you are a better woman/man to be with because you have done your homework well and a free person without any emotional excess baggage, which you have already paid for once, while taking the flight of dating.

About the Author:
Joshua Goh is dating & relationship expert. His desire is to motivate and support single men, women and couples to overcome the obstacles preventing them from attaining the loving relationships and lives they really want. For more information please visit our site for up-to-date free personals reviews and practical online dating tips & ideas.