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How To Deal With Rejection

 by Oh Srichaphan

Dating and rejection is like love and marriage, you can’t have one thing without the other.

Rejection comes in many forms, from being refused a date to a partner being unfaithful or ending a relationship.

But whatever the scenario, when dealing with rejection you need to look at the bigger picture, try to stay positive and move on, in time.

It’s natural that after being rejected, you start blaming and questioning yourself.

The way you looked, acted or the things you have said. But these are the things you should try to avoid.

Escape fear of rejection or abandonment and the damage they cause to relationships.

Don’t even think about trying to change your way or try to make the person changes their mind.

It will only be a waste of time and may even cause you more pain.

Keep in mind that sometimes people choose to reject someone before they, themselves, are rejected.

They feel they’re not doing well enough in a relationship and fear of rejection makes them choose to do it first.

Lean in to your friends and family for support because these are the person who like and accept you for who you are.

Also try to remember that before this person, your life was good again so it will be good again or even better!

Keep your eyes open but don’t jump into a new relationship too soon.

About the Author: 
Oh Srichaphan works with Taylor Tian in writing articles on dating


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