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Getting An Exciting Life After A Break Up

Breaking up.

The End.

The journey is over.

You feel rejected.


You don’t want to go back in the jungle again.

You may even have that dread feeling of failure.

Suddenly, all the love songs at the radio seemed to have been written for you.

You want to stay in bed.

Shut all the doors and the windows.

Bring the kids to your relatives for a while.

You don’t feel like talking to anybody now.

You swear to yourself that you will never get involved with someone again, half believing it.

What to do after break up?

How do I get the energy and courage to look good after break up?

Life is much more exciting than that.

Besides, you are not the last and only person experiencing a separation.

And, it might not be your last breakup either.

With the proper mental tools, break ups could be less painful.

How to make your life more exciting?

Breaking up, I prefer to call it an opportunity for a change of habits.

It’s like having an addiction and you need to cut yourself from it. It’s painful but necessary.

The good news about it is that it doesn’t need to be Hell on Earth. There are effective ways to go through this process with smooth sailing.

First, you absolutely need to stop thinking of the great moments that you had together.

Chances are that those moments happened a long time ago, not to mention, not that often either.

Keep in mind the reasons of your break up, until your mind is in sync with your heart.

And don’t keep in touch with that person for now, if you can.

Or reduce the frequency of contacts at its bare minimum.

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