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Getting An Exciting Life After A Break Up

Write a letter

You need to let the emotions out. Write everything that frustrates you, made you angry, sad, etc… You don’t necessarily need to send it to your previous partner but at least, this is a proven healing process for you to calm the storm inside.

You can choose to keep it somewhere to read for yourself later, when the healing process will be over.

You might discover some strength that you are not aware about you.

Make new friends.

You need to socialize more the ever. How do you do that?

Go to fairs, reading clubs, sports clubs, art clubs, etc… ask questions, make conversations, and exchange phone numbers with people to do activities and keep in touch.

Offer to help with something. Offer dinner. Friends come fast like that.

Don’t jump into another relationship to avoid facing your feelings of emptiness. Chances are that there will be other disappointments.

You need to finish the process of unblocking all of your emotions to freely open your heart again to someone else, and increase the chances of success.

Pamper yourself. Treat yourself.

Take naps in the Sun. Get a pedicure. A great massage. Read the bible. Read inspiring texts that will give you strength ( Like the book “Chicken soup for Soul”).

Go jogging. Do some Yoga. Listen to Jazz music. Eat well. Go pick apples with the kids. Take a singles trip to Hawaii resorts. You know what I mean; do all the activities that help put your soul to calm.

Stay away from unsupportive people

Neutralized your mind and heart from some comments of your family and friends. I am sure that they really want your good. But they maybe are a little bit …. “clumsy” in the way they express their caring for you “ When are you going the get married?

You can’t go from people to people like that!

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