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Forgiving a Love Affair

by Alina Ruigrok

Anger, as well as other emotions, will arise while you and your partner attempt to make things right and better.

You may blow up during discussions because your mind will re-fresh your memory of how your partner had the guts to betray you and how stupid, hurt and disrespected it made you feel.

Your partner (the love affair) may also become upset because of your non-stop attacks on him or her, especially if they confessed and genuinely apologized.

Before attempting any conversations regarding the love affair, be sure that you and your partner agree to disagree and express anger. 

You both need to have patience for each other’s feelings, for it will take time to get past the emotional outbursts.

If things start getting out of control and you find yourselves no longer talking, but only yelling and blaming instead, end the conversation and give each other some space.

You may need to do this several times until you can talk without such interruptions. Take it one step at a time.

After all, if you and your partner have made a decision to make things work, then there is no need to rush and panic.

After you and your partner get everythingout in the open and understand the roots of the love affair, you can then concentrate on re-building the trust and forgiving once and for all.

Forgiving your partner does not mean you will forget what happened, but it will mean that you have accepted what transpired and are ready to move forward without bringing the past into your future as a couple.

It will be difficult for you to blindly trust your partner again, but you must make an effort, as well as your partner. 

Your trust will strengthen as time goes by and through the convincing actions of your partner. You cannot put your partner on a leash and monitor him or her 24 hours a day, and you shouldn’t want to.

Do not expect things to magically improve, because you will be disappointed.

Re-building the trust, passion and strength in your relationship will take a reasonable amount of time and could even require counseling if you feel you cannot make it on your own.

Re-building your self-esteem will help you forgive the affair as well.

Being betrayed can do great damage to the way you feel about and look at yourself.

You may feel less attractive physically and not worthy enough both mentally and spiritually.

Get in touch with yourself and terminate your insecurities by finding ways to replenish the perspective you have on your being.

Continue to tell yourself that an affair does not change the wonderful person you are and you are just as beautiful, desirable, intelligent and respectable as ever.

To avoid getting pulled back into the past, set your mind and heart on creating new memories together.

Exploring new happiness will help your relationship mend and move on greatly.

Go on dates, get romantic and become better friends than before!

Make a permanent note in your mind that nobody is perfect but everyone deserve forgiveness for their mistakes.  

Try putting yourself in your partner’s shoes and think about the pain and regret they are going through and how much they love you

He or she knew it was wrong to do before they did it, but probably felt it was their only way to cope with their troubles at the time.

If you have been genuinely apologized to and promised that it will never happen again, then open your heart and give him or her a chance.

You obviously love your partner and he or she loves you, which is why you have decided to forgive and move on.

So work as a team and be each other’s strength in putting the past behind you, looking at it as a learning experience in which will assist you in making your love affair-proof from this point on.

About the Author:
Alina Ruigrok is an independent relationship expert for http://www.love-sessions.com helping those in need of dating, love, relationship, marital, sexual and other personal advice through e-sessions.

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