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Prescription Broken Heart

by Alina Ruigrok

leading you to meeting new people who fit your description of a perfect partner.

Lastly, remind yourself that love is a wonderful feeling and experience and should not be generalized based on your past experiences.

Do not use facts about your ex as a way to judge new people in your life.

Leave your past behind you and focus on moving ahead. Get to know new people for who they are, not by comparing them to others, what they are not, or what they could be.

Once you have observed their personality, values and everything else, trust yourself to make the right decisions without constantly doubting yourself.

If you wish to try having a new relationship, then do so. If you do not however, then do not feel guilty to kindly walk away from the situation.

You would be doing both you and the other a person a huge favor and saving time and emotions from being hurt.

You have nothing to fear or worry about. After all, there will always be one person who will always love you, appreciate who you are and be there for you. . . and that is YOU.

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