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Revenge – Serve It Cold!


Whether you caught him in bed with the local bimbo, dumped him for being an uncaring twat or he's run off with a woman he met online, you're probably feeling angry, resentful and wanting revenge.

Revenge may be sweet but before you dive in head first, ready to present Mr. Up-For-No-Good award with his well earned payback, take some time to consider the sour taste that humiliation, physical injury & a criminal record might leave.

There's nothing unusual about wanting to trash his beloved car, throw a brick through his window or lace his food with a laxative but there are other ways to go about things that are far less likely to bounce back & hurt you.

Believe it or not, the best thing somebody seeking revenge can do is to get on with the lives & be happy.

Think about it - as long as you're giving him enough brain space to be plotting all sorts of revenge plans, he's still winning;

still controlling your thoughts & actions.

Is he really worth it?

Whether he left you for somebody else or you kicked him out, he'll still want to believe that you're missing him.

After all, if you're not, that means you didn't really need him during the time you were together, doesn't it?

Imagine what he'd feel, knowing that you're having the time of your life & that if anything, either his leaving actually did you a favor or that you must have been batty not to have wanted rid of him earlier.

You won't be breaking any laws;

you won't be landing anybody in hospital & your own sense of pride will remain intact, but when it comes to his self-esteem, boy will it get a knock!

But what if I'm not having a ball?

Good question.

Let's just say that you don't need to be a leading figure in your local Amateur Dramatics group to be able to give the right impression to those you need to enlist as unwitting aids.

Next time you're talking to somebody that knows him, make sure you mention the new guy you've just met & how much fun you've been having together.

Yes, even if you haven't met anybody & aren't particularly having fun because this is all about having him believe he was easily replaced.

Or, if that doesn't feel comfortable, let them know how life as a singleton came as a breath of fresh air enabling you to pursue all sorts of new avenues instead of sitting at home with him, eating crisps & watching the tally.

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