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How to Use Scentual Seduction Get A Man

For hundreds of years specially blended perfumes have been used to tantalize and seduce.

Royalty used to have bottles of their favorite scents created for that very purpose.

It is said that Cleopatra greeted Mark Antony, on a ship with perfumed sails.

Before her ship even came into view, her exotic scent lured Mark Anthony.

He fell under her spell immediately and in fact was so in love with  her, that he took his own life upon hearing the rumor that she was dead.

Most women today buy perfume but have no idea how to apply it.

They douse themselves with its scent and end up repelling those that they would most like to attract.

The objective is to pick a fragrance that either expresses who you are or the mood that you wish to create and use just enough to catch his attention and draw him to you in the quest to discover the woman behind the scent.

Perfume has the purest concentration of the rich oils used by these long ago pharaohs and royalty.

It is much more expensive than the Eau de Parfum that most of us use. If at all possible you want to purchase the perfume itself.

Yes, it is more expensive but you will use much less of it to achieve the desired effect. Perfume is generally dabbed onto the skin rather than sprayed on.

The best way to make your fragrance linger all day is to layer your scents.

Indulge in a luxurious scented bubble bath and use either the same brand of soap or an unscented one.

Your skin will absorb the fragrance molecules over the complete surface of your body.  

Follow this with a matching body cream to leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Finally, dab on a small amount of your chosen perfume.

If you are spraying on perfume try spritzing a bit in the air in front of you then walk into the sprayed mist.

This will ensure that just enough is applied and that the scent remains delicate.


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