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Creative Visualization Love
by Sam Steven

To manifest love through creative visualization, you first need to learn how to suspend or hold an image of the desired outcome in your mind in as much detail as possible.

For instance, let's say that you need to resolve an argument with a dear friend. The first thing you need to do is empty your head as much as possible of all thoughts so that your mind seems like a blank slate.

It is also essential that you get as still and as quiet as possible to encourage a meditative state. Some find playing a favorite piece of music encourages one's imaging faculties.

Before imagining any goal, you might want to assist your imagination by asking yourself a number of questions.

What does your friend look like?

How is she wearing her hair the day that you run across each other?

Is this a random meeting or does the phone ring first?

What kind of conversation will you have on the phone? Where exactly will you meet? What is the expression on her face when she sees you?

If you want her to smile when she sees you, picture her smiling. Picture her hugging you.

Picture what you don't think is possible. Visualize, in the greatest detail possible, the best outcome to the situation possible.

Experts say that the more detail that you can imagine, the more likely you are to manifest the event in the future.


Picture the individual that you are concerned about in as full detail as possible. Now imagine that the person is shrinking smaller and smaller until he or she easily fits in the palm of your hand.

Now imagine your heart as a tiny red house with a door. Open the door to one of the chambers and put the tiny person inside and close it. In your mind, reassure the person that they are "safe in your heart."


You are at the cosmetics counter of a fancy department store. A smiling woman dressed in pink and gold offers you a sample of a cream to try for free.

The jar is gold. The label on the jar reads Love Magnet Cream.

You take the cream home and open the jar. Inside is a glowing pink cream. You take this cream and apply it to your hands. As you do you feel a pleasant tingling sensation wash over you. As you apply more, it transforms your skin, making it radiate a transparent pink, silver and gold light.

As you apply this cream to the rest of your body, you feel yourself

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