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Moon, Sun, ASC, Venus, Mars In Compatible Relationships
by Moses Siregar III

Are We Compatible?

Compatibility of intimate relationships (synastry) is an extremely complex issue in astrology. So many factors have to be taken into consideration. and novices to the subject are almost guaranteed to read the situation very poorly, because it is so complex.

I highly recommend consulting a professional astrologer expertly skilled in these matters if you want to really understand the dynamics of a relationship, and how to use this knowledge to steer yourself towards greater love and happiness in all of your relationships.

Until you really know what you are doing with compatibility and astrology, there is a strong likelihood of taking some influences out of context and misreading the whole picture.

All relationships have relatively positive and negative elements of astrological synastry; it takes a lot of experience to know how to weigh everything appropriately.

And even when you have learned a lot about the subject, it is still practically impossible (if not completely impossible) to do an objective synastry analysis of one of your own romantic interests.

So let's start with a basic, beginning overview of astrological synastry (relationship sign compatibility). This article will give you a lot, but it still really just scratches the surface. So I must caution that it is definitely not possible to do a complete compatibility reading with only the information below.

But it is a good start. Those who want to know more will find further articles in Astrology For The Soul Insider (see my Member Profile page for link to my site).

Moon, Sun, ASC, Venus, Mars

One can get a good glimpse of one's needs and desires in relationships through the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant. In general, the Sun and Moon primarily indicate true needs, Venus and Mars primarily indicate desires or attractions, and the Ascendant indicates some general needs and desires.

Obviously, the best relationship is one where one's needs (Sun and Moon) and desires (Venus and Mars) are both met.

One way to do a general compatibility test between two people is to look at the relationship between each of these five placements across the two charts: Sun-Sun, Moon-Moon, Venus-Venus, Mars-Mars, and Asc-Asc.

When the placements are in the same gender (fire and air are masculine, earth and water are feminine) or element--the same element or a close sextile is best--these placements are basically compatible.

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