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Moon, Sun, ASC, Venus, Mars In Compatible Relationships
by Moses Siregar III

the others in that group (i.e., Sun-ASC), it is especially strong for sign compatibility. Mars-Mars conjunctions are generally pretty volatile and conflicting, however, but are certainly good for sexuality per se, at least at first.

Conjunctions in particular, with the exception of Mars (or Saturn or Pluto) conjunctions give the most compatibility. As always, the whole picture, rather than just individual details, absolutely must be taken into consideration.

A relationship simply cannot be read with any one astrological ingredient. But conjunctions are really the best aspect for compatibility in general, because compability is primarily about similarity, and no aspect indicates similarity like a conjunction does.

Oppositions are interesting. They are incredibly strong for attraction, and they are also basically strong for compatibility. But oppositions also come with some ... well, opposition.

All in all, I consider them reasonably positive when they are between 'soft' planets (i.e. Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are definitely not included here), but they will eventually bring some significant elements of stress as well.

Too many oppositions are probably too much to handle unless you can't get enough of being torn in two directions at the same time. An eight degree orb works well for oppositions, but a closer orb of within six degrees is of course even stronger.

Squares between any of the five mutual placements (i.e. Venus-Venus, Sun-Sun) are definitely difficult and indicate an element of significant incompatibility, but the sign compatibility absolutely has to be looked at as whole, and a little bit of square energy can be okay if other conditions are right.

When there are square aspects within a reasonable orb (everyone has their own opinion here, but I recommend an orb of about 6 degrees), they are particularly important.

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