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Moon, Sun, ASC, Venus, Mars In Compatible Relationships
by Moses Siregar III

Conjunctions between the Moon and the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon, and the Sun and the Ascendant are some of the best aspects for long-term sign compatibility. Moon-Moon, ASC-ASC, and Sun-Sun conjunctions are also in this most compatible category.

When these sorts of conjunctions occur, particularly Moon-ASC, it can give people a very high degree of compatibility and connection, even if other influences are really difficult.

I've often seen people with almost all of their planets in disharmonious relationships, but then they have Moon conjunct ASC, and they stay together for a couple of decades or so. Moon-ASC almost, though not entirely, acts as a cancellation of other hard influences.

Trines and sextiles between Venus and Venus, Venus and Mars, or Mars and Mars (or a Venus-Venus conjunction) are great aspects for long term sexual desire and compatibility. Many astrologers today say that some major hard elements between charts are practically good.

I have to disagree philosophically because of my direct research and experience. Of course no relationship is perfect, or has perfect synastry. But are relationships really supposed to be challenging "growth opportunities"? Or are they supposed to be easy, fun, and enjoyable?

Any good relationship requires a willingness to communicate and listen and act co-operatively, but I do not subscribe to the idea that relationships are supposed to be hard.

I guess it's really a matter of what you like. I like my relationships without pain, struggle, frustration, and conflict. How about you?

There is also a common sentiment that aspects such as squares are somewhat good because they generate passion. I used to think the same thing, because that's basically what I was taught.

But experience has shown me that this isn't necessarily that true.

For a short-lived relationship, such hard aspects might be fine, because you can just have great sex and fight, and then break up.

But if you want to be passionate with someone for a long time, you need to also very naturally love one another and find it easy to be together. Would you rather have a year of great sex and fighting, or a lifetime of compatibility and good sex?

And how good can it really be to scromp like beasts every once in a while if you don't particularly like each other the rest of the time?

A square here or there might be fine. That's life, after all. But I do not think squares are to be desired unless you're the sort of person who truly enjoys conflict.

Example of Jimmy and Jane

Jane has Sun at 2 Cancer, Moon at 5 Aries in the 2nd House, Venus They could expect occasional Cancer-Libra differences to come up, but those would be quickly replaced by the other aspects which are harmonious. So, even when problems arise, harmonious energy will always be just around the corner.

In general you'd want to have at least 3 out of these 5 placements in harmony with one another; anything less than that would probably indicate too many problems.

However, this is not a hard-and-fast (no pun intended) rule, and it is certainly possible to be compatible with someone even if you do not pass the above 'test' together.

Again, sign compatibility with astrology is a very, very complex matter. More has to be looked at if you want to see the whole picture.

About the Author: A feature article by Moses Siregar III

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