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Signs of Infidelity - 21 Categories of Telltale Signs

by Ruth Houston

can be a rich source of telltale signs.

The glove compartment, car seats (underneath and between), the tire well, the underside of the visor, the ashtray, the side pockets or compartments, under the floor mats and other nooks and crannies can reveal a wealth of information. 

12. SEX - 37 telltale signs

Be alert for any type of changes in the frequency or the quality of your sex life together. 

Most important of all: If you suspect your husband of having an affair, take steps toprotect yourself. Do not put yourself at risk for HIV/AIDS, herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases.

13. EATING HABITS - 31 telltale signs

This is an area that wives usually overlook when checking for telltale signs. But your husband’s eating habits can be influenced or affected by his lover.

Without even realizing it, he may develop a preference for the type of food she eats, the way she likes her food prepared or the kind of restaurants in which she likes to eat. 

These are the types of telltale signs it would never occur to him to conceal

14. SMELLS AND TASTES - 21 telltale signs

Each person has his or her own unique smell or taste. You may be oblivious to it until it becomes replaced with something else.

Pay close attention if your husband smells or tastes “different,” or if something in your home or car just doesn’t smell “right.” It may warrant closer investigation.

15. INVASION OF YOUR HOME - 22 telltale signs

It's not uncommon for a man who's cheating to invite his lover to his home. 

When this happens, it’s not unheard of for lovers to leave personal items behind--sometimes deliberately, for an unsuspecting wife to find.

You will usually find evidence in your bedroom or bathroom if another woman has been in your home while you were away.

But telltale signs of infidelity may turn up in other areas of your home, as well.

16. GIFTS - 19 telltale signs

Be especially vigilant around the times of the year when gifts are usually exchanged.

During the  holidays and various other times throughout the year, you may find gifts or cards hidden around your home or in the car.  Receipts or credit card bills for gifts may turn up shortly before or after Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

17. COMPUTER USE - 30 telltale signs It’s common these days for a cheating husband to use e-mail to communicate with his lover. 

Some of the telltale signs in this category may also be an indication of his involvement in an online or cyber affair.  

Don’t take this lightly. These affairs can be as harmful to your marriage as the real thing. 

Though they may not involve sexual contact, the emotional attachment can be extremely strong, and can quickly progress from cyberspace to physical reality.

18. CELL PHONES AND PAGERS/BEEPERS - 28 telltale signs Today’s technological advances make it easier for a husband to cheat on his

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