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The Anatomy Affair - It's Not About Sex! 
by Dr. Reena

What is it about finding out that your partner is having an affair that unlocks the floodgates of emotion;

emotions so strong & intense that they seem foreign and often disturbing even to those who experience them?

Most would say it's the betrayal, the deception and the humiliation that catapults them into an emotional abyss where feelings of despair & sadness alternate with feelings of anger & rage.

And even when the shock subsides, the focus of people's thoughts remains on the sexual act mainly because it exemplifies the violation of a sacred trust between two people who have made a commitment to each other.

Is it an uncontrollable sex drive, weak mindedness or too much to drink that leads a person into the arms of another?

This question is asked many times by those who struggle to make sense of "why did he (or she) do it?"

And while it is deserving of an answer, it behaves the person asking the question to consider that extramarital affairs have less to do with sex and more to do with unmet needs.

This is not to minimize the gravity of what  has occurred or down playing the pain caused by the partner who has gone outside the relationship.

Instead, it is meant to point out that the dynamics of an affair, especially those with a history, are complex & go far beyond the sexual act.

To understand what has happened, to be able to assess the viability of a relationship (if that is still an option), plus do what it takes to move on in life, a good place to begin is in understanding the notion of intimacy & how it plays out in relationships.

Intimacy is the unique bond between two people that links them together emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

The meshing of these elements forms the cornerstone of a monogamous relationship & explains in part, its distinctiveness to the human species.

It also explains why its absence foretells non-exclusivity, suggesting that successful and healthy relationships require more than sex to function.

It is the feeling of connectedness that forms the basis of intimacy making it possible for relationships to grow & sustain the challenges that are often brought on by stress, illness, work and family problems.

Intimacy is the glue that holds relationships together taking over when the intense passion of a new relationship transforms into a more enduring union based on common values, love and commitment.

For intimacy to develop and be sustained, a person must feel valued, cherished and respected by their partner.

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