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Are All Men Unfaithful?

“Men are all the same.  Stop looking for Prince Charming, Dreamer!” 

 “We just can’t commit to one person!  I Loooove Women!”

 “I can’t help it!  Women want me!” 

“I almost went with this co-worker of mine years ago. I still feel some kind of regret today that I haven’t done it…”

 “Caroline, I have an active sex life with my girlfriend.  I look around because of the thrill of the chase!!!”

I hear this all the time…... 

I am sure that you have heard this once also.  It is frightening. 

Maybe my actual boyfriend has been unfaithful; I just don’t know about it or I didn’t see the signs… or didn’t want to see the signs...

But why is it that so many men jump the fence? 

Is it because of an unsatisfying sex life? 

Or is it for that quest of lost Infatuation? 

Is it by perversion?

Why do men cheat?

Another one of my friend thinks that I am too hard when I say that “Men” are “The” unfaithful ones.

She argues it also takes another woman at the other end. 

They can't just cheat by themselves.

She has a point. 

However, I've seen it usually occurs with a single women longing for loving & not sure if she really wants to leave her fabulous single life to settle down in a “white bread” relationship or a one who has codependant issues.

 So, what is it then?

A) Yes, there are those Men who are just afraid of commitment

They need constant re-assurance on their false  “Masculinity” and they fulfill themselves by sleeping with someone else.  

It seems to have nothing to do with the level of quality of the relationship in iwhich they are currently involved in. 

Some need a higher dose of “Freedom” then others. 

Anyhow, who wants to be with a man who always is looking to prove to himself he is “Free” or he is indeed a “Man”?

B) There is the element of “opportunities” as well; 

Statistics proved the more the person ranks high in the standards of beauty, the more the chances of being unfaithful is increased.

Does that mean that we should only date "unattractive" people to experience a loving, safe and warm connection with someone?

I think not. 

If you find someone beautiful, there are at least 15 other people out there who finds your mate as attractive, whether he or she has a die-hard body or just with a “few pounds to lose.”  Beauty is within the eyes of the beholder.

C) Surprisingly, the infidelity rate is slightly higher towards Women then Men. 

Men cheat for reasons of lack of physical intimacy vs women cheat for dissatisfaction of emotional intimacy.

Also, women being part of an essential part of the work force, opportunities seemed to be more frequent then when they use to be homemakers.

D) Selfishness is also another indicator of the level of devotion. 

We are all selfish to a certain degree. It is part of evolution of the species. Some people rank higher and deeper at that level then others.

However, selfishness by definition, does not care about the feeling of others.

That immature behavior evolves from the teenage age to adulthood.

Think about it a little bit: when someone is unfaithful, in the moment, that person doesn’t think at all of the consequences or how the partner might feel if they found out!

In the end, it is the emotional maturity level and degree of intimacy connection (of yourself and of your partner) that indicates the chances of infidelity in your relationship. 

With openness and caring of the feelings from your partner and yourself, you won't to be tempted by that chick at work or that dude at the coffee shop.

The bond will deepen, and your feeling of safety will strengthen.

With these elements, the relationship has a strong chance to succeed.

Look for that person with a noble heart, a high level of maturity, who demonstrates admiration, respect and generosity towards you. 

It is a shield from being having a broken heart again.

About the Author: written by Caroline, the owner of this site.

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