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When marriage dream fails!!!
by Sada Shivan

Marriage and Attraction:

Relation is successful as long as there is attraction between the partners. Attraction of actions, attentiveness, beauty, behaviour, caring nature, sexual satisfaction & etc, contribute to prolong relation.

Activities to attract partner becomes slow and casual as involves in normal & daily responsibilities leads to escaping the second role. A person has mainly two roles in married life; one for spouse plus the other with Job/ responsibilities.

Partner & family attraction influences to conduct responsibilities to benefit the family and thus the involvement in responsibilities intensifies that elapses attention to spouse.  Especially women undergo this stage involving intensely in their free services of taking care of children plus maintaining house.

After reaching from office male partner expects his wife fresh & sexy who is heavily tired of hardship.

A disappointment is the major factors for fading attraction towards her. Men too face this situation when they deeply involve themselves in their responsibilities in office or elsewhere.

Failure to give time for the family or wife is the serious complaint, woman in the house does not grasp thus blames husband for the negligent behaviour.

Both become responsible for dieing away attraction to keep healthy relation. Attraction of partner normally fades as time passes; this is natural & the real truth.

Marriage and external attraction/infidelity:

Fading attraction drives to incline towards fresh and new attractions so can gratify self and fulfil what is lost. Those who are exposed to external environment are easily dragged towards these attractions. 

Each woman or man working are exposed to external atmosphere, is bound to hate or approve one of many she/ he meets or contacts as behaviour of an individual influences others to observe and analyse personality as good or bad or so-so;

(look, character, action and etc) in all conditions of yes or no or so-so has the ability to attract in negative or positive one to like and another to despise, so-so characters generally lack to attract deeply as becomes normal. 

Escaping from this situation is impossible as the brain reacts instantly to beware for right or wrong. The approval indicates the acceptance of personality that matches own. In the offices and other work places spouses meet their colleagues of both sexes.

Working men and women spend more on working hours than staying with spouse. Spend most of their day with them eating, chatting, and joking etc; these develop warm relation to step further to get closer.

Working woman of strong character having happy married life limits to move forward and strong character with shattered married life will definitely move forward to get closer, will not even care the social impact.

On the other hand woman of weak characters are easily motivated to

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