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Valentine's Day Gifts Can Expose a Cheating Husband
by Ruth Houston

If you have the uneasy feeling that your husband is having an extramarital affair, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to confirm what you suspect.

The Valentine’s Day gift he gives his mistress or the gift he receives from her in return, can provide you with proof of his infidelity.

If your husband has a lover he’s certain to buy her a Valentine’s Day gift; whether he receives one in return or not.

This could prove to be his undoing. An observant wife can find valuable clues about her husband’s infidelity, if she knows what to look for and where to look.

He Has to Give His Mistress a Gift

A husband can get away with giving his wife a last-minute card and a hastily purchased box of chocolates.

But it’s almost a sure bet that on Valentine’s Day, he’ll give his mistress a special gift.

And it won’t be a cheap token of his affection.

If he wants to stay in her good graces (and in her bed) he has to buy an impressive gift.

A Valentine’s Day gift suitable for a mistress will cost a cheating husband a nice piece of change.

Regardless of whether he pays by cash, check or charge, there will usually be a paper trail.

If you know what to look for and where to look, you’ll find evidence of his spending somewhere.

What to Look For

Have there been any suspicious withdrawals from your bank accounts?

Check the time period shortly before or after Valentine’s Day.

What about unexplained ATM withdrawals around this time?

Check your credit card statements for the month of February.

Call customer service and ask them to give you the most recent charges made on the account.

Be alert for charges made at jewelry stores, women’s specialty stores, or boutiques, florists, day spas, restaurants and the like.

Pay special attention to any charges made on February 14th.

Check your husband’s wallet, pockets, backpack, or briefcase for charge slips or store receipts.

If you find evidence of gift items which you didn’t personally receive, it should sound a warning bell.

If your husband didn’t give the gifts to you, who did he give them to?

Where Else to Look

Check various places in and around your home for hidden gifts -- under the bed, in the back of a file cabinet or dresser drawer, on the back of the closet floor, or on a seldom used shelf.

Don’t forget to search the car too.

Look underneath the seat, in the trunk, in the glove compartment and in the tire well.

If you find a hidden gift, don’t jump to conclusions unless it’s obvious the gift is not for you (too large, too small, a color or style that he knows you wouldn’t wear, or has another woman’s name attached).

If Valentine’s Day passes and you haven’t received the hidden gift (but it's now gone), then it’s obvious that he gave the gift to someone else.

Make it your business to find out who.

Carol’s Story

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Carol found a box in her husband’s sock drawer containing a diamond and sapphire ring. She said nothing because she didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

But on Valentine’s Day Jim gave Carol a dozen long stem roses and a gift certificate for a day of pampering at her favorite day spa.

The next day Carol searched high and low but the ring box could not be found.

She spent several sleepless nights trying to figure out what had become of the ring. Three weeks later Carol dropped by Jim’s office to meet him for lunch.

One of his co-workers was wearing a ring similar to the one in the box.

It didn’t take Carol long to find out Jim and this woman were having an affair.

Laura’s Story

Laura found a gift box containing a sexy negligee in the trunk of her husband's car.

He tried to pass it off as a gift he purchased for her but the gown was several sizes too small.

No amount of persuasion on his part could convince Laura the salesclerk put the wrong size in the box by mistake.

Especially since she had already found other telltale signs of a possible affair.

Be suspicious if your husband receives an expensive gift of any kind this month. Especially if he claims to have purchased the item for himself, but can’t produce a charge slip or sales receipt.

Likewise, warning bells should sound if your husband receives a gift of an extremely personal nature, in February or at any other time.

No woman other than yourself should be giving your husband silk boxer shorts -- unless it’s his mother or his sister. (And even then, you should check to make sure.)

Take notice if your husband is missing for several hours on February 14th.

Be wary if he invents excuses to come home late, or to run an errand later on, on Valentine’s night. These could be additional telltale signs.

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If you suspect your husband of cheating, Valentine’s Day could yield a bonanza of clues. You might find the missing piece of the infidelity puzzle.

Especially if there have been other signs of infidelity in the previous weeks or months.

If your husband is really cheating, you’ll find other corroborating signs. Knowing what to look for is the key.

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