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How to Cope with Infidelity


Are You Dating a Potential Cheater? How to cope with Infidelity
Most single woman seeking a committed relationship would rather avoid dating men who are likely to cheat. But according to statistics, an estimated 50 to 70 percent of men cheat on their mates.

Is my boyfriend a cheat?
With the bustle and hustle of life today, it is hard to feel connected at all times with our boyfriend. Especially when we are living with one. But if you feel some distancing from him for a while, unusual behaviors, your boyfriend might be a cheat.

Infidelity Help: What To Do When You Find Your Spouse Cheating!
Get Infidelity Help! When you find your spouse cheating, make sure you
do the right thing, get some help. These are the first steps to take straight after finding your partner has been having an affair.

Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity - Why saying "I'm Sorry" Is Not Enough
Your spouse is devastated to learn that you have been unfaithful, but you are determined to save your marriage. You’ve apologized profusely. You take full responsibility for your actions.

Thinking of an Affair? Then think again.
Many persons turn to an affair as a means of coping with a poor marriage. There are websites available to help married persons meet other married persons for such purposes.

The Anatomy of An Affair
What is it about finding out that your partner is having an affair that unlocks the floodgates of emotion;

10 signs of a cheating husband
If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you again and again. A person who cheats has only one thought his personal sexual gratification & satisfaction.

Cheating Wives and Cheating Husbands Give Different Reasons for Having Extramarital Affairs
Infidelity studies indicate that the percentage of cheating wives is fast approaching the percentage of cheating husbands wives.

When marriage dream fails!!!
...Relation is successful as long as there is attraction between the partners. Attraction of actions, attentiveness, beauty,

10 Clues of an Online Affair
This epidemic is causing the breakup of countless marriages. How do you know if your spouse is violating the marriage

SIGNS OF INFIDELITY - 21 Categories of Telltale Signs
With infidelity reaching epidemic proportions, every woman should learn how to recognize the telltale signs of infidelity. The future of her

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