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Insights on Infidelity from Hillary Clinton’s Book
by Ruth Houston

Of the various topics discussed in Hillary Clinton’s “Living History”, the topic that has gained the most attention is the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. Since infidelity now affects 80% of all marriages, it’s easy to understand why.

The Clinton-Lewinsky affair continues to be a major point of interest because infidelity has reached epidemic proportions. Women with cheating husbands identify with Mrs. Clinton and feel they can learn from her experience.”

As author of an infidelity book and former infidelity victim myself, I can attest to the fact that women struggling with issues of infidelity are eager for information that will shed light on how to cope with an extramarital affair.

There are nuggets of information on surviving infidelity scattered throughout Hillary Clinton’s account of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. I found at least a dozen insights on infidelity that would be of interest to women whose husbands are having an affair – insights such as:

• Infidelity doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of the marriage.
• A cheating husband must come clean and own up to his infidelity before the healing process can begin.
• Together, the couple must address the underlying issues that may have contributed to the affair.
• Both parties must be equally committed to rebuilding trust.
• Counseling can help the couple come to terms with the affair.
• The healing process takes time and both parties must be patient.

Living History” is a surprisingly rich source of information on surviving an affair. Women will find in Hillary Clinton a role model for wives facing similar marital problems. Her candid account of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair answers many of the questions in the public mind, such as :

Why didn’t Mrs. Clinton leave her husband?

What made her decide to stay with him and keep their marriage intact?

How did she cope with the emotional trauma?

What helped her overcome the pain of betrayal?

“Living History” provides an intensely intimate look at one woman’s reaction to her husband’s affair. By examining the factors that contributed to the survival of the Clinton marriage, perhaps other marriages can be saved. “Living History” is worthwhile reading for any woman whose husband is engaged in an extramarital affair.

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