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Clues your boyfriend might be cheating on you

by Caroline Tee

is my boyfriend a cheat

With the bustle and hustle of life today, it is hard to feel connected at all times with our boyfriend. Especially when we are living with one.

But if you feel some distancing from him for a while, unusual behaviors, your boyfriend might be a cheat.

How do you know if he is cheating on you?

First sign

He spends less time with you
He will show two types of behaviours:
1. He will be busy at work
2. He will spend more time with his friends

In either of these two situations he should be able to describe to you what he has done at work what is going on or what he is done with his friends where did it go the conversations etc.

If he is a little bit mysterious or vague does not share much on what happened well, there may be good reasons to start being suspicious


Second sign

He unusually gets irritated with you or with what you do. 

It might be something he has to figure out at work.  But if he has been secretive for a while, it might be that.

Third sign

He is not as attentive on your feelings than before.

You notice that he is inconsiderate on your demands and selfish, focus on his own needs

When you are for example at a restaurant and you feel that is less attentive to your story, somewhat distant.

If you see that most of the signs are going on in your dynamic with him maybe, it's appropriate to now to have a talk

You may ask him calmly questions as such:

"Hey, I've known as that you've been irritated with me lately more than usual. Is there something on your mind? Is everything alright?"

"I feel like we're not spending much time together as we used to.  I'm wondering what might be going on"

"I've noticed that you didn't do so-and-so, or you didn't say so-and-so when you told me otherwise. It has hurt my feelings. Is there something I should know because you've been different with me lately"

See how he responds.

If he is vague still and if you don't feel in your gut that is telling the whole truth maybe now look for clues.

Coming up soon: The Social media signs he is a cheat.