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Cheating Wives and Cheating Husbands Give Different Reasons for Having Extramarital Affairs
by Ruth Houston

Infidelity studies indicate that the percentage of cheating wives is fast approaching the percentage of cheating husbands wives.

But the studies also reveal that men and women who are cheating on their spouses give different reasons to justify their extramarital affairs.

The Top Reasons Men and Women Cheat

The top 3 reasons men cheat all relate to sex. But sex is not usually the motivating factor for cheating wives. The top 3 reasons women cheat are tied to unmet emotional needs. Listed below are the reasons cheating husbands and cheating wives most commonly use to justify their extramarital affairs:

Why Men Cheat

The most frequently cited reasons for infidelity among men include

• more sex (the desire for a more active sex life)

• sexual variety (a desire for different kinds of sex)

• opportunistic sex ( taking advantage of an opportunity to have sex without the fear of getting caught)

• to satisfy sexual curiosity (about a specific female)

• a feeling of entitlement (the belief that it’s a man’s prerogative to cheat)

• the “thrill of the chase”

• the desire to feel important or special

• sexual addiction

Why Women Cheat

The reasons most frequently cited for female infidelity include

• a desire for emotional closeness and intimacy (someone caring to confide in and bond with on an emotional level)

• a desire for attention (wanting be the center of a man’s attention again)

• to reaffirm her desirability (To feel validated as a woman)

• to re-experience feelings of romance

• a desire to feel “special”

• boredom

• loneliness

• sexual excitement

Infidelity Studies Confirm the Reasons Cheating Spouses Give

Granted, these aren’t the only reasons men and women cheat. There are other reasons as well. But the bottom line is that men are cheating on their wives primarily for sexual reasons, while women are cheating on their husbands mainly for emotional reasons.

However, among cheating husbands and cheating wives who are willing to discuss their extramarital affairs, these are the reasons

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