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10 signs of a Cheating Husband

by a-gift-of-love.com

He's a cheater, any maybe you already knew it

If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you again & again.

A person who cheats has only one thought his personal sexual gratification & satisfaction.

He doesn't care about how his actions affect others and probably has little or no ability to feel compassion and remorse.

He probably lies in all facets of his life.

He probably lies to everyone who care about him, probably steals from people who trust him, & probably has more than one mistress at all times.

You do not need to go weeks on end without making love or endure the gut-wrenching pain of longing for them to touch you like they used to, while they seem to do everything in their power to hurt & ignore you.

Here are 10 signs to know if your man is cheating.

1. He'll ignore you:

Ignorance is blissful, but to be ignore is pain full, ever the tears that will fall on your pillow at night will be ignored.

Everything about you bothers him: You'll notice a distance between you grow more and more each day.

A silence will fall all over your home and family, you know something is going on, but you won’t trust your own intuition.

2. He makes empty promise:

That means he'll tell you anything that you wish to hear to make you happy so you'll never know what he is doing.

3. Sex is out of the question.

Find a good book to read for all those lonely night ahead of you, because he'll be to tire to please you in any way. But remember if you don’t ask he'll not answer.

4. Strange phone calls.

The phone will ring a lot only when he’s homeand he'lll go into another room to speak to the other person.

Sometimes there are codes so he'll know what to do, like the phone will ring two times and hang up and then do the same again until he picks it up.

5. Money will become scarce.

You'll find that he is asking you for money, even though he has a very good job. You'll find that his credit cards are all max out, and you wonder why.

You'll find that his credit card statements show he’s bought many expensive gifts, which you never got, or a restaurant that you never went to.

6. He'll not make time for his kids.

You'll see that at times he will not treat his kids as he used to.

He'll not have time to play with them, or take them to the movies, or the stores. He'll sometimes forget that he has kids just so he can be somewhere else.

7. He will not come home.

Staying out of the house is one way that you can tell he is having an affair, he does not call you to let you know where he is, or if he does call you he will give you an excuse that makes you happy.

Then he will tell you he will home soon.

8. The smell of women perfumes on his clothes.

Some women will do anything to get him to leave you, some women will go to very bad extremes by calling you on the phone, or leaving notes on your car.

Some women will go as far as confronting you. Just to be the one and only in this cheaters life.

9. The smell of sex:

That is an unmistakable smell, they'll shower as soon as they get home, and the clothes they wore will be thrown away, or put all the way down in the laundry basket.

10. These might be totally different from what you might have experience if your men has cheated on you, but the thing is he has cheated on you, and somehow you knew that it was happening, trust your own intuition.

That is the last way to know your man is cheating on you.

Don't ignore it any longer.

Do not feel bad for it has happen to most of us and these are some of the signs that we so blindly ignore, if you read between the lines we should uncover what is really going on.

Not all mean cheat, trust your men but know when to stop the trust and start looking for the signs.

A Marriage is built on trust for one another, but sometimes trust is not enough, you must be strong and you must believe in yourself that you deserve to be loved, respected, and treated with dignity.

If you allow for him to continue this hurtful pattern you'll only allow yourself a vicious emotional deterioration of your self-worth ..

Make sure to not be blinded by the signs.. You deserve to be happy ..

The primary reason is very simple they know they can do it and get away with it.

The excitement , adventure and the mere fact that they are wanted by other woman stimulates their bad behavior.

And no matter what they seek the companion of other women all the time ...

Best wishes,

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