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10 Ways to Reignite Flames Love

Start right now, you can live a more happy fulfilling relationship
by Janett Colon

Research shows that people who put each other down & are hostile to each other are more likely to have serious problems.

It destroys the intimacy and love towards each other

When men & women enter into a relationship, they are looking for is a best friend, some one they know will love us no matter what.

Someone that will accept us as we are.

We tend to lose ourselves & interest on what really matters.(sharing our love!)

We don't want to try new things, if isn't broke why fix it, that is what we believe when we are at that comfort zone.

We tend to settle for the "status quo".

Not wanting to try new things, for the feeling of being afraid to stepping out.

What are we so afraid of.

Why all the apprehensions & why are we so reserved & inhibited.

We tend to feel vulnerable & insecure, the fear of our sense of protection being broken, the love we had love has diminished.

What if stepping out of the comfort zone can have a positive effect in our intimate love romantic relationship with your partners.

It helps us grow & we learn from these intimate experiences.

We discover new ways to share love & enjoy happiness together which we never thought possible, love is the best thing in the world!

Follow a few easy steps & soon you will see things in a new light;

- Be spontaneous with your partner it is a way to help your relationship flourish. Being spontaneous with your partner can enrich & strengthen your intimate moments. Try something that you have been wanting to do.

- Talk, listen & laugh together become best friends. You will soon start creating a bond of intimacy. Be sincere open & honest. Communicate about love, sex & the relationship.

- Send Love Notes. Post them everywhere. Tell them how gorgeous, handsome, beautiful, sexy, how much you love them, be creative, be specific

- Compliment each other lovingly in public & in privacy, show affection for each other.

- Show them how much your really care by being responsive , caring & loving whole heartedly .. Do the little things that say i love you & care for you.

- Respect each other whole heartedly, partners who treat each other with kind & respect know that it is essential for having a deep connections & loving relationship.

- Be a good partner. Regularly get them something you know they will like & enjoy.

- Don't let negative or annoying comments bother you, discuss the negativity when you are both calm.

- Take responsibility for your own growth, appearance & health.

- Communicating without fear is absolutely essential to building the deepest kind of friendship & intimate partner.

With this going on, you and your partner will feel emotionally closer.

You will connect deeply.

The stress of daily life will less poison your relationship.

Intimacy and passion will reborn.

That recipe for success will make your relationship last through the years.

About the Author:
Janett Colon, Dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and men who are seeking love and happiness in their relationships, offering creative romantic ideas and resources. Find out how to enrich your life with romantic intimate settings improve your love life today. Webmaster/owner
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