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Conquering your Jealousy
by Alina Ruigrok

Toning down your jealousy and possibly getting rid of it for good will take time. It all depends on the situations and reasons. If having a flirtatious partner makes you jealous and your partner stops flirting, then it may be easier to overcome.

However, if your jealousy is coming from a different area such as your competitive nature towards other women, then it will be more difficult. It is very common for women to feel jealous of each other’s physique, success and relationships.

The best way to fight this jealousy off is to improve your own self-health and lifestyle. Do things that boost your confidence. If you feel jealous of what great shape another woman is in and the attention she gets, then perhaps you should focus on yourself rather than her success.

Concentrate on finding ways to satisfy yourself both physically and mentally. Learning how to handle your jealous emotions will be a huge influence on how your situations will turn out.

Combine your jealousy with a more rational emotion so that you can keep it from going overboard.

If you combined it with an equally or almost equally stressful emotion such as anger, you will only push yourself back from reaching the outcomes you really want and are looking for. You could end up making a decision that will leave you feeling worse.

To keep yourself on the right track of jealousy conquering, just remember these steps:

·Acknowledge your Jealousy.
·Ask yourself where it is coming from. ·Question why it makes you feel Jealous.
·Make self-health and lifestyle changes that will assist you in fighting it off.
·Combine jealousy with a more rational emotion.

As long as you keep those steps in mind and follow them, you will learn how to take control of your jealousy instead of it controlling you. The last step is important . . . practice! You know the saying, practice makes perfect.

So if you continue to practice these steps, controlling this stressful emotion will become easier and easier, until you have become a total master at it.

Taking control of your emotions will make you the leader and not follower of your emotions, which can prevent you from entering many unwanted territories, such as break ups, low self-esteem, depression and even an increased amount of jealousy.

You will be able to focus on the more important topics in your life and see things with a more clear and open mind, which will guide you into making better decisions and finding better solutions to the obstacles you will face in your relationships and life in general.

About the Author:
Alina Ruigrok is an independent relationship expert for http://www.love-sessions.com helping those in need of dating, love, relationship, marital, sexual and other personal advice through e-sessions.


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