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Decide To Be A Great Partner

Chances of harmony and a vivid connection

By Mark Webb

Great relationships happen.

Not just on their own. Decide To Be a great partner!

They are the result of bold decisions. Bold.

It took me years to realize why some relationships succeed while others fail.

Individual after individual cited.

“I don’t know why she left me. I was a good husband.”

“I don’t know why he left me for another woman. I was a good wife.”

Eventually I realized that the difference was in the label.

Good only gets poor results and poor results are not enough to carry a relationship, let alone make it satisfying.

You have to decide to be GREAT because a great partner will do many things that a good partner will not.

By making this distinction you will set a better course for yourself and thus you will get the kind of relationship that you have always wanted.

Learning to put the needs of your partner first is the core of becoming great.

Many people struggle with this because of selfish patterns of desire. In order to be a great partner you must put your partner first in all things.

Partner focused relationships center on the bigger picture, which is connectedness.

The level of closeness shared will be in proportion to the sacrifices made.

If you want to be at the center of your relationship and have everything be about you, then this book is not for you.

I am only looking for the men and women who are tired of playing games and are looking for true results. If this is you, then welcome. I can show you a better way.

Loneliness is the consequence of self-centeredness.

Time after time, I see people insist on having their own way until their partner leaves them in total disgust and complete resentment.

Selfishness never works.

This is a hard lesson for most of us to learn and some never do.

Most people do not even realize that they have tendencies that are in fact selfish.

By the time you finish this book that will be eliminated from your conduct.

Your partner will look at you with eyes of respect and will feel safe in your presence.

Trust will no longer be such a key issue and love will abound.

Is it ever too late to learn how to become a great partner?

The answer is never.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Most say yes but their actions say no.

About the author:
Mark Webb is the author of How To Be A Great Partner and founder of Partner Focused Relationships™. Sign up for Mark Webb’s “Relationship Strategies” Ezine ($100 Value). Just visit his website at http://www.powerfulrelationshipadvice.com or http://www.therelationshipspecialist.com