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Polar Power: Do Opposites Attract?
by Luigi Di Serio


In physics or energy transmission, we know – (negative) attracts to + (positive) and repels from – (negative).

Using the same basic formula we’ll substitute “positive” females & “negative” with males. (Heterosexual Males are attracted to females, and repelled from males)

If you are a male & behave like a male, a heterosexual female will be attracted to you (or at least your gender).

But if a male does everything he can to please the opposite sex (pun intended) & acts sweet & friendly & artistic & gentile & kind & submissive & loving & tender, will a very feminine female be attracted to that male?


The above listed personality traits are wonderful, but very feminine in nature. A male who possesses & behaves through these qualities (a majority of these qualities as his facade personality) will appear effeminate.

A woman has girlfriends & family to provide her those things anyway. A female needs to feel a powerful, inexplicable attraction towards a male in order for progression to occur towards a sexual &/or committed relationship.

If a male is exuding an energy that is very positive, she will be repelled by it. For whatever reason, probably because of thousands of years of evolution and human development, this is an axiom innately embedded into our social & biological ways.

Feminine females are attracted to masculine males & vice-versa. Opposites do attract, specifically concerning attraction that is driven by primal sexual instincts.

Today, specifically because of the collapsing of the traditional family & the grey-shading of gender roles & a phenomenon I call unisexification, it is difficult to know how to behave towards the opposite sex, specifically during courtship.

Now-a-days assertive or slightly aggressive behavior (which is a universally attractive characteristic of male mammals of ANY specie) is frowned upon, by our legal system & mass media.

This is scaring males into become wussies, for fear of getting sued for groping, harassment & other fine-line crimes. By no means am I trivializing the seriousness of sexual harassment or violence towards women.

In fact, I would go as far as suggest that because of the social discouragement of certain, natural & intrinsic, male characteristics, men are more like to bottle up feelings that eventually are released in a morbid or unacceptable way.  

Unisexification & discouraging males from being males, actually contributes to their sometimes-disturbing behavior toward women.

Am I saying that aggression, decisiveness, cynicism, sarcasm, focus, constructiveness, drive & goal-orientation are primarily male attributes? YES I AM.

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