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Polar Power: Do Opposites Attract?
by Luigi Di Serio

The research suggested that, “there is no evidence that opposites attract.”

The study was fascinating and comprehensive, but their conclusion wasn’t.

The word “attraction” usually refers to the initial feelings a person has that spark an interest in the other.

So in the realms of courting dating and sexuality, being opposite and different, is fulfilling in many ways.

Mystery, anticipation and excitement, curiosity and adventure all come from experiencing something different.

Sure opposites clash, but that is often where the sparks and the passion is created. You can create heat without any friction (know what I mean?)

This is where many couples that start off well go really wrong. Many relationships are built on the foundation of sexual attraction or simply lust. Those are fleeting feelings and certainly not enough to make a relationship work.

If people don’t want the same things, or have different values and beliefs, the relationship is bound for failure.

Personality and attitude similarities are VERY important also.

But these characteristics often come out later, as a relationship progresses and eventually settles. Frequently people are too involved by the time they realize the differences and people often “settle” while feeling unfulfilled.

Opposites attract in dating, courting and during escalated sexual tension, but opposites certainly clash when it comes to personality, attitudes and values.

So to have the best of both worlds, you must establish and lay out your beliefs, values and what you want out of life right away.

Masculine energies and feminine energies are opposites, but do not cause harmful and destructive clashes in relationships when they are balanced out.

About the author:

"Jack of all trades and master of none"... Luigi Di Serio is an ad hoc, freelance writer and web site developer who owns over 100 web sites! He holds a degree in Urban Planning and specializing in strategic business intelligence, security, espionage, sociology and human interactions (including relationship). http://www.diserio.com

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