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Girl in my College
by DD Phil


What is it? the sweet sayings? the kisses? the romance? or maybe, the sex?

No; it is not in any of these! And mind you, it is not deceit either. Or promises made and not kept. Yes. I call it sincerity and understanding.

There are girls and there are girls. Or I should say, there are women and there are women. For not all women are alike. Some are good while some are bad.

Some are there to shorten men’s life-span, while some are not. I know of a woman who after signing a divorce note without a cause made her husband to commit suicide. Pity him.

I have never seen anyone so pretty as the girl in my college. No. Not in my life. No girl can compare with her. Very intelligent. Modest in her dressing.

Having the look of an innocent girl who has never known any evil. Maybe I should call her an “angel,” but I know angels do not fall down to date men on earth. It has never happened in history and would not happen in the future.

Not because men are evil, but because the world is corrupt. I would have loved to date an angel that would prolong my life-span. But I wonder if angels still walk to tread on earth.

Her character radiates the look of a good future house-wife. She is a girl every man would like to date. I’ve never thought it for once that I would like to date a girl at my early age.

Shy. Confused. That is exactly the way I felt each time I asked her to come and see me. And each time, I blame myself after she leaves my room in the hostel. I never know how to tell her that I love her.

I ask myself a question so as to delay my approach for her. What if she has a guy dating her?  

What will be her response to me? And if not, I should be fast getting her. For I know what pride it will be if she eventually becomes mine. My stay in the college would have ended up my life—cultists and lecturers were desperate to have her. But thank God, I did not die!

My heart sang for joy when she said “yes” to my proposal. I felt like giving her a hug and a kiss to express my joy to her. In fact it was my happiest day. At the moment I felt the world has come to my feet.

I stand, staring at her with a great passion. The hope came that one day we would still get married. Oh what a great dream! For that is what I’ve always wanted as a young man.

To get a girl that will make me feel proud. They call us best couples on campus. Everyone envies us. We always have fabulous time together. Taking good care of each other.

She is a girl I would say, I really enjoyed a relationship with. We hanged out most of the time. In fact, it was fun and romantic.

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