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Happily Single vs Happily Married
by Donnie Harrison


Where you are in your life right now is the perfect place for you to be - or it can be if you decide to make it so.

Why waste precious time wishing for something you haven't got?

Because I can guarantee that, once you have it, you'll be wishing for something else.

I am not saying you must compromise on your hopes, dreams and wishes.

Not at all.

You have to do what you want right now.  Single or not.

Go towards them.  For example, if you have the dream to go to an Hawaii resort, go for it.  If you have always wanted to change career, do it.

I simply suggest that there could be less suffering in your life if you were to be happy with what you have, whilst you plan your future and then be happy with how you are, whilst you execute that plan.

Hold your vision of your future and know that wherever you are today is taking you one step closer to achieving that dream.

Above all, enjoy the life you have now, be it as a single or a married person.

For those who are single and seeking to be in a relationship, think about your presence in the world. How attractive is it to potential partners if you are moping around because you haven’t got what you want?

How much more attractive is the energy of someone who is making the best of their current life circumstances and embracing each day with enthusiasm?

Married but not sure if you want to be? Have you tried loving your partner in the way you want to be loved? What have you done to bring the joy back into your relationship?

I promise, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Our own grass can be very green if we choose to see it as such!

About the author: Donnie Harrison is a UK based Coach and Business Mentor. Donnie works with individual clients who are facing a life transition - she describes herself as a companion on the journey of change. Additionally Donnie specializes in working with individuals who are setting up or building a Professional Private Practice, particularly in the healthcare sector be it traditional, alternative or complementary. Further information is available from

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