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How do you know when it's love?

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Cheryl and Peter had been single for several years.  

Both had  survived unhealthy relationships in the past, and neither believed they would find a truly intimate relationship.  

Everything changed when they first met one another.  

Their first three months together were "heaven on earth" according to Cheryl.  

It felt like they had known each other for years when they had only known each other for a few weeks.  

Three months into their relationship problems started developing.  

The thrill of falling in love had faded, they began to see each other's imperfections and their fights became more frequent.  

Now they were not sure if they loved each other anymore.  

What had gone wrong?

Larry and Beth planned to be married once Larry finished college.  

Their plans were disrupted when Larry survived a serious auto accident.  

Larry felt he needed to find meaning and purpose in his life before he could marry Beth.  

He broke their engagement and spent the next several years traveling. 

After studying philosophy in India and Japan and finding few answers, he drifted back to his hometown and lived with his parents. 

Larry wandered from one relationship to another, never finding a woman with whom he felt happy.

One day he awoke to find that he was 40 years old and very much alone.  

What had gone wrong in his search for love and purpose in his life?

Kevin and Claire were professors at a small mid-western college. 

Both were happily married and had families of their own.  

They developed a close and warm friendship with each other and were very open about it.  

Kevin and Claire often had lunch together or took walks around the campus.  

Both of their spouses were aware of their friendship and had no problems with it, but it seemed the students and staff of the college had other ideas.

Rumors began circulating that the two of them were having an affair.  

None of this was true, but the denials made by Kevin and Claire only added fuel to the rumors.  

Eventually they ended their friendship rather than put up with the incessant rumors. 

How could the college community be so wrong in their perceptions of the open friendship between Kevin and Claire?


All of the couples mentioned in the stories above have one thin in common: they are all confused about love.  

Peter and Cheryl are confused about falling in love which is different from being in love.  

Larry is confusing a spiritual form of love with romantic love. 

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