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Are You A Caring Lover?new!
What kind of lover you are? Do you care for your beloved? Or you are more concerned about what you get in love? Those who care in love always win at the end.

Her Virginity - A Guide for Guys for "Her First Time" new!
Contrary to popular belief, taking a girl's virginity is not an easy subject to discuss and picking them moment causes a lot of guy's embarrassment and awkwardness.

Conquering your Jealousy
Jealousy.  It may only be a simple word, but does not have such a simple definition behind it. There are many reasons we feel jealous and

The First Ninety Days
A friend of mine recently commented on the amazing number of romance novels written and the huge amount of money

The Freedom to Fall
So you want a soulmate do you? Okay not necessarily something that big and cosmic but 'happily ever after' would suffice just fine. 

Everything changed when they first met one another.  Their first three months together were "heaven on earth" according to Cheryl.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?
For my birthday last year my wife made up a beautifully framed picture of my name, and then underneath it she listed 32 positive qualities I possess

A kiss can mean so much, or nothing at all. Remember when you were five years old and you thought kissing was yucky? 

One of the topics that frequently comes up in couples' therapy is conflicts concerning money.

10 Reasons Why Married Couples Grow Apart
When asked why their marriage is on the rocks, many couples often state that they have just grown apart. .

Polar Power: Do Opposites Attract?
In physics or energy transmission, we know – (negative) attracts to + (positive) and repels from – (negative)..

The Girl in My College
Love. What is it? the sweet sayings? the kisses? the romance? or maybe, the sex? No; it is not in any of these! And mind you, it is not deceit either.

Quiz Your Love - Is It Love Or Infatuation
You are getting attracted. You think about him/her. You want to be with your object of love. You are showing all the signs of being in love. But is it love?

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