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Is This Love? How Can You Know?
by Avalon De Witt

This is a most powerful form of giving for it gives meaning to the other person's gifts.

8. Do you have a life of your own? With real love, you don't live for the other person completely. You still have your own direction in life. You're not afraid to "take your space" or to give some to your partner. You allow enough space to let the winds of heaven dance between you.

Other relationships, activities and interests continue to be important to you. You see the goodness in all people, not just your partner. Time and space can't separate you.

It's impossible to feel unfulfilled when you are truly in love because you can always feel your beloved's presence, therein lies the fulfillment.

9. How would you feel if your love was unrequited? Could you love the other person enough to respect his or her choices, even if those choices exclude you?

Real love needs nothing in order to live. It is not dependent on being loved in return.

With true love, you are more focused on the "now moments" of the relationship than on the future or outcome of it. Whether or not your love is returned is of no consequence when you truly love another. You may feel sad if your beloved doesn't love you back, but it won't stop you from loving.

10. Does your love endure? If love is true, the relationship will remain strong under the strains of life. The relationship is more than just joy and happiness. You can cry together, suffer together and even be angry together.

But whatever your experience, the love will always remain. It is eternal. Infatuation will either develop into true love or it will die.

If after reading this you've discovered that you are infatuated and not really in love, take heart!

Real love doesn't try to force a relationship to grow. It respects its natural pace.

But you can greatly increase your relationship's chances of moving to the next level by learning what people in true love do and following that example.

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