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Kissing Connectivity: Keeping your relationship HOT
by Edel Jarboe

No one likes to be taken for granted, especially not your partner, and your love shouldn't be either. A kiss is such a simple way to keep the love you and your partner share alive. 

Notice that I said share. Both you and your partner owe it to each other to work at keeping the love and passion alive. Yes, love requires work too. 

Anything worth doing or worth having does. However, Dr. Parrott also advises "while it's great when you and your partner are on the same passion scale, there will be times when one partner will go through a quieter time sexually. Don't take it personally or withdraw.  Stay connected by talking and touching and giving them space."

Kissing 101

1. Remember how special you and your partner are together.

2. Be creative. Kiss your partner's forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose and chin, before kissing your partner on the mouth.

3. If you don't like your partner's kissing style, tell them gently how you would like to be kissed. Better yet, show them.

4. Gently caress your partner's hands, neck, or back as you kiss.  Make it more than a mere meeting of the lips.

5. If you don't have time for a "real kiss", make a verbal promise of "Later."

You and your partner will have something to look forward to and you will have put the magic of anticipation back into your relationship.

Other Daily Steps to Intimacy:

1. Really listen to each other.

2. Be there for each other.

3. Touch each other.

4. Go out on a "date" at least once a month. Maybe even re-create your first date.

5. Have a candlelight dinner.

6. Plan a special day together for just the two of you.

Following are more passion tips provided by Dr. Leslie Parrott:

1. Have a "How's your love life?" conversation.  Ask your partner to rate their level of passion and intimacy on a scale of 1 to 10.  The very act of having the conversation increases the level of satisfaction for both of you.

2. Write a Love letter to your mate. Make it a little unpredictable. Throw your partner off guard by saying things you don't normally say.

3. Agree to take turns initiating affection so it doesn't always fall to the same partner.

4. Every once in a while, schedule passion on your calendar in advance. Focus on your "appointment" in the hours preceding so your passion and excitement has time to really build.

About the Author: Edel Jarboe is the founder of Self Help for Her.com (http://www.selfhelpforher.com), an online self-help magazine. Newsletter (subscribe@selfhelpforher.com) and receive a FREE stress report.


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