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Older Woman, Younger Man
by Kay Kopit

We had several birthmothers who changed their minds for different reasons. This process took three years and a great deal of money. 

Ultimately we were blessed with a baby girl we named Mariah. Our daughter is now 8 years old and the light of our life. 

(3) Bryan continues to be my rock, strength and loving support. During our years together I have had many tragedies including: my brother John’s suicide in 1988, my ex- husband Joey’s death from alcoholism in 1989, and my girlfriend Debra’s suicide in 2002.

I was hospitalized with a potentially life threatening blood clot in my lungs in 1998. Bryan stood by me through all of these.

I married a great guy! I am a fortunate woman to have found true love in the heart of a younger man. Age is but a notch on the tree of life. 

Does it really matter that I have more than he. We are all on a spiritual path. We choose lovers, friends and family to mirror our soul’s development. Partners of different ages can accelerate this growth. These diverse emotional experiences are opportunities of a lifetime. Let’s enjoy them.

About the Author: For more information on Kay Kopit visit www.isurviveddocumentary.com.  Kay Kopit, accomplished artist, actor, writer, speaker and gifted teacher

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