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Making Love Her First Time
Her Virginity - A Guide for Guys for "Her First Time

 by Sacha Tarkovsky

Contrary to popular belief, making love her first time, taking a girl's virginity is not an easy subject to discuss & picking them moment causes a lot of guy's embarrassment and awkwardness.

So how do you approach the subject & when do you know the time is right.

We will assume here you are the boyfriend, or possible boyfriend for this situation, & that you are sensitive to your partner's feelings, carrying human being who will be remembered kindly for the rest of the girl's life.

Before we go on needless to say your partner should be someone you care for & over the legal age of consent for sex

These things are often spontaneous, but that does not mean that (a) you can be prepared for the event, and (b) she has not dreamed of some romantic situation where she loses her virginity.

What is losing one's virginity anyway?

Generally considered, its penile (or other) penetration into a girl's vagina that goes beyond they hymen (that thin membrane that is part of the vulva, the external genital organs.

The hymen is located outside the vagina. The hymen is a layer of tissue that partially conceals the vaginal orifice.


Getting into the techniques involved, if you can, select a nice surrounding.

Car backseats have been popular for a long time, but are really uncomfortable, & often more public than you can imagine.

Be affectionate, & figure out if you love the girl or not.

It can make a real difference. There is no explanation to this, but sex without affection is less than sex with it.

You may have a nervous young girl with you, & lots of alcohol is not exactly what you want.

It can have really negative consequences. A little bit, just to calm the nerves is ok.

You can also calm her nerves yourself by being re-assuring & affectionate.

As you are getting ready to enter her, you have to have three really important things in your mind.

The first is birth control.

For all intents and purposes, have a condom with you. That will take care of the birth control issue.

The second is getting her wet enough. In this situation, you cannot be too wet.

You need to have engaged in a great deal of foreplay and even (if she will let you) engage in cunnilingus.

This will assure she is wet enough, and you may even, if you are clever, achieve an orgasm for her before you enter.

If she is not wet enough, try to have some sexual lubricant with you.

This suggests some pre-meditation, but she will enjoy the encounter much more than if you don't use it.

In any event, do not enter her until she is really wet enough.

The third point is that when you have entered, try and so very slowly.

Gradually, if she is relaxed, & as she relaxes more after you have penetrated her, thrust in long slow movements.

You can also alter your thrusting from some shallow moves to eventually deeper ones.

It may be a very good idea to have her on top.

In this way she controls the penetration to the point where it is not painful.

Also with the girl on top the process generally will last longer.

When you both or you have finished, withdraw slowly, and for as long as you can, keep close contract.

Remember, you are the first in this activity.

For you, it may not mean much, but for her, it is something she will have in her memory forever.

Keep in mind if its her first time to be caring and considerate to her feelings so she is comfortable & relaxed.

You want to be remembered as a sensitive gentleman who made the lovemaking experience something to treasure.

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