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Self Love Affirmations

by Caroline Tee

self love affirmations

Self love affirmations

Self love affirmations for a broken heart

I am okay with the feeling of emptiness. It will go away.

I am fine with the feeling of unworthiness. I will feel whole again soon.

I am okay with feeling unwanted because it is okay not to please everyone.

It’s okay to feel unwanted sometimes because it is not possible to please everyone.

I can overcome this. It is done at my own rhythm.

Self love affirmations for success

I am light.

I am abundant

I am creative

I am focus

I achieve anything

I am divinely protected

I am blessed beyond my wishes

I am prosperous

Self love affirmations for self esteem

I am radiant.

I am charismatic.

I am whole.

I am imperfect. And it’s okay.

I trust my decisions. And it’s okay to be wrong at times.

I am safe when I listen to my gut feelings.

Self love affirmations for anxious attachment

I take moments to feel my feelings

I have no influence on the decisions of others

I let go with ease situations and people that are not serving me

I appreciate all the little things and the big things that people do for me even if I don’t understand

Self love affirmations for avoidant attachment

It is okay to feel overwhelmed. I can calm myself down when it does.

I am cool and calm

I welcome intimacy with ease and peace

It is safe to share how I feel

It is safe to connect with others


Self love affirmations for shame

It’s okay to expect people to love me

It is safe to take the love from people