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Sex in Cyberspace
by Rose DesRochers

beyond the meet someone, masturbate and type at the same time routine. It's about relationships and communication, erotic identity and ideas." trust and betraying the one you’re with. Is it really just harmless fun?

It’s more than just words being typed on a screen it comes from images of the mind and if you think the other person who typing to you just laughing it up, boy are you wrong.

It’s also about the trading of nude pictures too and I guarantee the person on the other side typing to you does not have both hands placed on the keyboard.

This is just another example where the bonds of marriage are broken.

The internet can be a dangerous thing.

Time for you to really look at the relationship you have and ask yourself if you really are happy and if you answer no then maybe its time you ended the marriage, instead of involving another individual in it.

You can’t justify your adultery that it is online and not real. Adultery is still adultery.

You cross that line the moment you begin sneaking around to share intimate thoughts with someone other than your partner.

In cybersex you have secrecy; intimacy and sex are all the same elements as an affair.

If you are having an affair or show signs of cyber addiction it is now time to talk to a counselor.

Marriage can be beautiful but it takes communication and two people making it work.

About the Author:

Rose DesRochers, Canada, admin@todays-woman.nethttp://www.todays-woman.net
 Rose is a published author and web columnist from Canada Ontario and she is also the founder of Today's Woman a community for men and women over 18, where writers/poets/columnists meet and exchange ideas, contest, rate and review and help each other succeed in the writing industry.

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