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The Soul Mate Debate - Are Soul Mates Found, Or Created?
by Rinatta Paries

In other words, you grow to be in love with one another, to know each other intimately, to cherish and support each other, to share closeness unequal to other relationships. And this can only happen with time.

How do you grow into "soul mates?" Here are some ideas:

When meeting potential partners, do not look for an instant feeling of recognition or a strong connection. Instead look for a subtle attraction and a subtle connection.

While dating, take time to become good friends and get to know each other. Do not assume you know the person you are dating before you have been with him or her for at least 6 months.

Emphasize excellent communication right from the beginning. Establish a standard of communication both of you are comfortable with, and hold each other to that standard. Accept each other for who you are. Neither of you will be exactly like the other, nor will you do things in exactly the same ways.

Accept and appreciate each other's shortcomings even as you accept and appreciate each other's good qualities. No one is perfect - not even your soul mate.

About the author: (c) Rinatta Paries, 1998-2002. Do you know how to attract your ideal mate? Do you know how to build a fulfilling relationship, or how to reinvent yours to meet your needs? Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries can teach you the skills and techniques to attract and sustain long-term, healthy partnerships. Visit www.WhatItTakes.com where you'll find quizzes, classes, advice and a free weekly ezine. Become a "true love magnet(tm)!"

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