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Successful Dating and Marriage (1)
by Arthur Zulu

In these series, you will find answers to questions that you may have asked such as: How can I find a compatible mate? What are the rules of dating? How do I know if I am ready for marriage?

What happens on the wedding day?

What is needed for a successful marriage?

How should disagreements be settled?

What is my rolein the family?

How can a husband get his wife's respect?

Why does a wife need her husband's love? Who is the decision maker? What about the children? And many more…

But first; folks, let us look out for the dangers in a marriage. Knowing these dangers, like a sailor knowing the location of the hidden rocks under the sea, will help you to find success in your courtship and marriage, sex and happiness. So, what are they?  

Chapter Two

"It seems much easier to fall in love than to stay in love."


Would you want to marry in haste and repent at leisure? No,folk. May that not be your destiny. But you see, marriage is like a packed theater with some uninterested spectators wanting to get out, and other interested ones waiting outside, wishing to get in.

If you think though that marriage can solve all of your problems, you are mistaken. Ask a married friend.  But it can give you a measure of security and satisfaction if you play by the rules.

But we forget the rules before we rush into matrimony. And when a sailor forgets his navigation rules, he suffers a shipwreck.

You see, people enter into marriage relationships with little or no preparation. If you were entering the university for example, you will be asked to sit for a qualifying exam.

You may even be asked to show other supporting qualifications like the TOEFL if you were heading for a U.S. university.

But these are small things compared to the permanent relationship of marriage. Yet the only requirement in the marriage registry is your signature. Nothing else. However, there are dangers to watch out for just before you append your signature to that marriage certificate. And what are they?

Failed Expectations

People think of marriage as a kind of fiction story where the characters "live happily ever after." But it is never so.

Because the great expectation of your Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming may turn out to be a bad dream. The love, attention and support that you badly craved before marriage may turn out to be a tale of rejection and disillusion.




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