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Successful Dating and Marriage (1)
by Arthur Zulu


This may also affect your marriage depending on where you live. Barrenness, miscarriages, unseen attacks, deaths and broken marriages have been supposedly caused by wicked spirits. Does this bother you? Maybe not. But know that wicked spirits exist.


If you allow your in-laws to intrude into your family, they may ruin your marriage. Both of you are now one, and should be able to solve your marital problems without frequenting your parents, or relations for advice.


What kinds of associates do you and your mate  have? Are they unwholesome friends? They will not help your marriage. Know that bad company can corrupt good manners.

These are some of the things may shipwreck a marriage. They may not be the case with your family. But know that there is no perfect family on this earth. So there must be one kind of problem or the other in your family.

Now what are required to make a marriage successful?

To be continued

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EXCERPTED FROM THE BOOK, “SUCCESSFUL DATING AND MARRIAGE.” THISTEN-CHAPTER BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE. INTERESTED BUYERS SHOULD CONTACT THE AUTHOR.)ARTHUR ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, and author of ChasingShadows! and How to Write a Best-seller. For his works and freehelps for writers, goto: http://controversialwriter.tripod.com mailto: controversialwriter@yahoo.com Web search: Arthur Zulu

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