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Three Secrets To Long-Term Relationship Success
(...)The title of the sermon was, "The Three Ingredients of a Successful Marriage". I remember my exact, admittedly cynical thoughts upon

Three Key Relationship Danger Signs
When you enter a committed relationship, there is a period of adjustment that can take months or even years....

When starting a new relationship, many women (and men as well) tend to overlook some behaviors in their new partner that do not bode well for the future...

Make Time for Your Relationship
"We don’t have to wait till Valentine's Day to think about relationships, whether we're in one or would like to be....

When You Forgive and He Forgets
Forgive and forget. We all try to live by this important maxim and in most circumstances our lives are enriched by adhering to this simple philosophyl....

Arguments - The losing side of a relationship
In the 34 years that I have been doing psychic counseling, it is only in the past 10 years that I have been involved with couples counseling......

100 Questions To Know Your Partner
Ever noticed that when you first meet someone, you always put your best foot forward? There's certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as it's the real you!.

Dangerous Relationship?
I will in this article cover some of my own experiences living with a person with a dysfunctional personal disorder of type borderline.

Ten Ways to Blow it in a Relationship
What do you do when you've attracted a lovely person into your life and now you're terrified you're going to blow it?

Loving Without Losing Yourself!
You are in love and it feels wonderful. This love is different and you are prepared to do anything to make it last.

The Low EQ Way to Choose the Right Man for You
In choosing the right man for you, you need to use your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Here are 10 LOW EQ ways to do it that will guarantee disaster.

The Verbal abuse is killing you inside
Stop obsessing about the next time he comes into your home, do you feel like a prisoner, are

If You Really Need A Dating Quiz, Maybe You Shouldn't Be Dating
...If you put so much value on a dating quiz that you're willing to break off a relationship because someone "failed" it,

Why We Chose The Person We Love
...These are common problems brought to me by clients. They blame bad luck, coincidence or accident for winding up

Slaying The Green Eyed Monster
He hasn't called in hours. You call and get the roommate: "Oh, sorry ....he got in really late last night and is still asleep!"

Never Ever Show You're Jealous
O.k., you're standing there all alone at a party and in the far corner of the room your boyfriend is talking to some groovy chick.

Say, What's On Your Mind, Partner?
Stan is an incurable romantic. Ever since he started courting Marge seriously, he has been sending or bringing her flowers.

Should I Leave This Relationship?
How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to a relationship? In any intimate relationship—especially in a marriage—it’s not a good idea to let a doomed partnership drag on, simply to avoid the pain of a breakup.

Time to Risk More
100 people aged 100 were asked: “What do you regret most? What would you do differently?”


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