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Three Key Relationship Danger Signs
by Edel Jarboe

When you enter a committed relationship, there is a period of adjustment that can take months or even years.

While you are getting into your couple groove, be careful that you don't fall into any of these following relationship pitfalls that can lead to the dissolution of your Love partnership. 

Watch out for these danger signs in your relationship while staying focused on building & nurturing a healthy long-term relationship based on positive communication & of course, love.

1. Unrealistic Expectations

Expecting to change another person or to "fix' their flaws after committing to a long-term relationship is a big no-no.  For one thing, who says they need fixing besides you? 

Aren't you supposed to love your honey flaws & all? 

Now, for truly reprehensible flaws - such as belching in public - go ahead and give lessons in etiquette. But for more subtle personality traits, ask yourself if it's worth making a big issue out of it.

We all do something that drives our Loved ones nuts.

So learn to be flexible.

Love is about compromise & should never be about making another person into someone else.

Moreover, expecting to change someone else's problem (drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or criminal behavior) doesn't work either. 

It is one thing to be supportive if your partner is truly making an effort to change, but it is quite another to be their willing accomplice. 

Bottom line: you cannot change someone else. In a healthy relationship the best you can do is compromise, and in a bad relationship, it is better to walk away in order to preserve your dignity, health, and self-respect.

Another example of unrealistic relationship expectations is thinking that the other person is the solution to all your problems. Sure, love makes the world go round but expecting your sweetie to fix all that is wrong in your life is unfair to them. 

And living through them or solely for them is not fair to you either.

You are still responsible for your life & your self-esteem.

Sure, love can help smooth out the rest of your life, but by no means is it a cure-all.

There is no getting around it -- you are responsible for your own happiness.

Love is simply the icing on the cake.

2. Lack Of Open and Honest Communication

Depending on how busy & stressed out we are, we are all guilty of tuning each other out from time to time. The danger is when this becomes a relationship habit.

Not listening to each other's hopes, dreams, and fears on a regular basis can lead to a lack of true intimacy.

It is impossible to feel connected to someone when you feel aren't there for you.

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