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Jealousy : A lonely place to be!
by Dorothy Lafrinere

from a world of happiness. 

Why I ask?

Why are we in this prison of jealousy, when we did not ask to be?

We broke no rules to be punished for.

When we look at another person, we see only what we wish to be.

Jealousy blinds us of who we are and what we have to offer to the world.

Jealousy captivates our minds to the point of no return in many cases has caused terrible results.

People think that one can just say "Go Away".

We wish it was that easy. If jealousy could be defeated with a mere thought, we would be in a truly perfect world.

Do you really think we enjoy this lonely place of jealousy?

I know that I would much rather be in a happy place anytime.

Jealousy does have one fear,  That is "Love". Love conquers all and that is as real as the pain we feel inside when we are imprisoned by the fears of jealousy.

Also as funny as it sounds, to trust a person imprisoned by jealousy is as important as wanting that person to trust you. We need to know that you trust us and that you know that we are not in control of this thing that causes us to fear life.

To know you are on our side and want to help us defeat this loneliness, will truly give us that extra bit of strength that we need and the will to combat our own fears and jealousy.

We also need to focus on our minds and through help from our friends and others that feel our loneliness, use that strength to work against the negative thoughts that jealousy controls.

We must tell ourselves that we are safe, we are loved, and we are needed.

We must focus on the good around us and use our thought energy to force positive thoughts in place of negative jealousy ones.

When we do defeat our negative mind, we should pat ourselves on our backs, because this is truly a conquest.

Identify with the fact that you have won and the win will be greater the next time.

It will happen, we just need to continue to search for ways to a higher self-esteem.

Together ladies we will conquer this loneliness. Strength is in numbers and that we have. To close my thoughts, I leave you with a quote sent to me by one of my sweetest friends and member of my website.  Stacy , you are beautiful and thank you again.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." 

About the Author: Dorothy Lafrinere,  Owner/Operater,  Website- http://www.womensselfesteem.com,  Weblog- http://www.justblogme.com/Dorothy,  Forum- http://womenselfesteem.proboards29.com,  email- dorothy@womensselfesteem.com

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