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The Verbal Abuse is Killing you Inside.
by Janett Colon

Stop obsessing about the next time he comes into your home, do you feel like a prisoner, are you fearful, emotionally distraught, low-self esteem, do you see signs of a bad marriage.

Did we settle for this, is this something that you anticipated? Yes, it is really happening to you, did you see it before hand. Most women think that it is better to have someone, than to have no one at all.

Well it is because we settle, thinking that things will change, knowing things are difficult, we keep hanging on, this is really not happening this will go away at some point only if you keep hanging on.

We become so influenced by our upbringing that we start believing that we are too make a happy marriage it is our job, to stay faithful, supportive, loving and caring at all costs.

This is the man that you decided to spend the rest of your life with and you love him dearly. What to do, how can you escape?

You have given your love and commitment you can't go back. Woman have to realize that they have to take a step up and be strong, don't let our feelings get hurt and stomped on any longer. Why do we allow to be frustrated, taken advantage of, belittled, discounted, humiliated?

Maybe, we just keep hoping that he will change. But how long has it been, you mean you haven't talked about your emotions and feelings, you are always so concerned about his feelings. Did he say " things will change, He promises things will be different"

How long did that take ?

He wants you to wait and see what happens. He wants to keep hanging on to you. When actually what he is saying is he wants to know how far he can take it!!

Why do we have to make it a sense of urgency for them to realize that it is an impediment to the relationship and to your sense of well being. You can confront him and communicate your feelings.

You express to him that you need support and ask him why does he treat you with such animosity, why the crude and thoughtless behavior. He might tell you something like, work is stressing him out, the kids are driving him crazy, or maybe he is having a bad day.

He does not how to deal with it. So he blatantly takes it out on you. You suffer the consequences of his behavior.

You are walking on egg shells on a daily basis, not knowing what to say, how to act, or never the less how to feel. He tells you what you want to hear, just so you will get off of his back and leave him alone. Until the next time.

He does not want to be in the dog house! At times he does not even care or does not want to listen. Is this what we call love??

So you confront him but with apprehension and maybe even fear. When he decides to takes your concerns into consideration, he decides it is best to play nice for now.

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