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5 Tips on how to Attract the Opposite Sex in a Virtual World

Chemistry Dating


You do not want to mislead the person who you are trying to attract.

If you are true to yourself, this will reflect on your presentation profile & ensure to others your legitimacy.

It will build a better chemistry.

Furthermore, most of dating sites ask you to create a username in order to let you flirt in a anonymously fashioned way.


If a dating site offers you the chance to post your picture or a short streaming video clip, don't be SHY, take full advantage of that service.

A picture will bring out the real person in you, and attract more people.

On the net everything & everyone is virtual, making it hard to believe or trust what you see.

The chemistry will be real instead of infatuation.

So don't worry about looks, worry on keeping it real!!


Once you are a member of a dating site, it is recommended that you show your presence by visiting the site often.

That way you can keep in touch with the people you started to flirt with, and continue finding new prospects.


Most dating sites offer you tips on how to present yourself & compose attractive messages.

You do not have to be perfect, keep it simple & fun.

Send out at least 3 messages:

1: introduce yourself,

2: share same interests

3: give out compliments

before sharing all your personal information such as your life, phone number or even your email.


While you are flirting online, you will experience rejections with some relations.

Don't get discouraged, try to end the virtual relation on good terms & do not be shy on asking that person if she or he can refer you to other singles who share the same interests.

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