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Creating Effective Personal Ad That Gets Results: Do's and Don'ts
by Anna Winters


Creating effective personal ad means selling your strengths and attributes.

Think of this as creating your personal resume.

Many of the online systems provide a multiple choice matching along with an essay.

After someone finds you with a "match", it is your essay portion that can make you shine.

It is crucial to fill out the essay completely, with at least 2 or three sentences per question asked.

You can come back to the essay later on many systems. You will spend 45 minutes to an hour filling this out.

People who do not fill out the essay are not taking seriously & get passed on for other profiles that are more forthcoming.

Be honest in your ad.

What to write about?

Describe yourself honestly & accurately.

In creating effective personal ad, include hard data such as your height, weight, body type, educational background & profession.

Show your personality.

Talk about your hobbies, interests, activities you enjoy, movies, books, or music you enjoy, where you like to travel, & minimally about your work (do not give your place of employment....keep it general such as:

I am a nurse at a local clinic, an accountant with a medium size company, etc.

Don't share too much information or write a book.....just write enough to get them interested. You have to leave something to talk about later.

Share your feelings & experiences, not just facts about your life.

You don't want your profile to be a touchy-feely pile of mush (can you hear your potential dates heading for the door?), but you do want to communicate things people can relate to:

where you're from, where you are, where you're going in life, what makes you laugh, things you really enjoy about life. DON'T fixate on only one aspect of your life:

You may love your dog, have a great career, live to ski, & those are great things to talk about in your profile. But if you talk about that & only that, you're going to come off as one-dimensional & obsessed.

In creating effective personal ad, show your fully rounded self. Put your personality & humor into what you write.

Tell what you are like, and don't try to make false impressions. False impressions will back fire in the online dating arena as much as they will in the rest of your life.

Relax, and let your true self show through. There are people who will like who you are.

Don't dwell on your problems & limitations:

This is not the place to talk about why you got divorced, your last relationship didn't work out, or problems at work. You can talk about this later after you get to know someone.

If you have children, mention them BRIEFLY with their ages & sex.

Do not spend time talking about your children or reveal their names in creating effective personal ad.

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