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Dangers of Digital Dating

Are they really a doctor? Do they have any bankruptcies, liens or judgments against them?

Do they have a criminal record? Have they committed domestic violence?

Are they a registered sexual offender? A pedophile?

“Know what you are getting into before you invest your heart, money, or your life,” says Linda Alexander, a Southern California attorney and website founder. WhoisHe.Com, which works under the motto, "When in Doubt, Check Them Out," offering background checks, personal profiles, criminal and civil record checks for potential mates, prospective employees, in-home service providers, future step-parents, business partners and nannies.

The cost of the service provided by WhoisHe.Com and WhoisShe.Com range from $39 to $75. "About 60 percent of the time, we find that people aren't telling the truth," Alexander claims.

Background checks, criminal and civil record checks are important, according to Alexander, because it's easy to be deceived when looking for love online. "You do not have the same visual cues about someone as when you are face to face with a person," she says. "Somebody behind a computer screen, can be anything they want to be.

You have no idea who's on the other side of that screen. We tell our clients it is important to Be Safe and Be Smart. To take control of your future. Information is the key.” A similar check could have helped Wadsworth. For instance, Abney had told Wadsworth that he had never been married, but Alexander found a civil record for a divorce.

Alexander says that background and record checks would have revealed that Abney had lied about many personal details, which might have served as a warning to Wadsworth. "It tells her that the man is not telling the truth," Alexander asserts. "He's a liar. He has something to hide in his life. I don't know if it tells her that he's going

to swing a hammer over her head and that he's going to beat her almost to death, but I think it is enough to say, 'Watch out, red flag, don't let this man in the door.'"

These warning come too late for Wadsworth, who is currently taking a break from romance and the Internet while she works to recover from the physical and emotional wounds she has suffered. "I sleep with the light on every night," she says. "It's affected me."

While more and more singles are turning to the Internet to meet their mates and many online dating stories do have happy endings, it is important to remember that there are dangers to digital love. Wadsworth hopes that what she went through will help to warn others of those dangers.

About the Author: WhoisHe.Com and WhoisShe.Com has been widely recognized on CBS’ “48 HOURS" and the CBS Early Show; The Other Half,in People Magazine, listed in Yahoo Internet Life Magazine's top 100 sites for the Year 2000, Seventeen Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Kiplinger Magazine, and USA Today. Anyone harboring doubts about anyone else can check out the website at http://WhoisHe.Com and at http://WhoisShe.Com and questions can be sent to Admin@WhoisHe.Com or call Linda Alexander, Esq. at 760-806-4377.

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